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sole agent in Brazil

Istvan who comes from Brazil visit our company and would like to be our sole agent. He is not only interested in our products, but also like our electric items. We show him to our workshop, sample room, storage, etc.

General problems of hydraulic cylinders (3)
How to prevent air from getting in the hydraulic cylinder system?
1.   Should come up to the requirements of tolerance when manufacturing and repairing parts. Assembling with fit clearance guarantee.
2.   Fasten the connections of every pipe.
3.   The seals gasket should be smooth, and not allow using multilayer paper pad.
4.   The in and out oil pipe should keep a distance, or put a clapboard to separate them.
5.   Regularly clean the oil filter and use enough capacity oil filters.
6.    The oil box should guarantee enough oil, don’t lower than oil standard instructions line.
7.    In order to ensure every parts of this system are full of oil, it is necessary to install a check valve in the pump exits and install a back pressure valve on the way of oil returning.
8.   Develop the system of hydraulic, and set a vent plug or release valve.
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Bjørn Eldøy from Norway
Warmly welcome Bjørn Eldøy from Norway and together with his friends visited HC HYDRAULIC CYLINDER company yesterday. Bjørn Eldøy is a purchasing manager from Norwegian company who supply the construction business in Norway with tools and attachments for construction machinery. Bjørn Eldøy is a good talker, during the way of visit he kept talking. And after visit, he feel very satisfied with our company and workshop. Then they went away happily.
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The 13th China Dongguan International Machinery&Materials Exhibition

We start from company 9 am November 15th, 2011 and bring many samples of hydraulic cylinders, such as self-locking hydraulic cylinder, double-acting hydraulic cylinder and so on. We made our best efforts to prepare it. Everyone there must be with best service and highest technology.

Welcome to consultations.
Written by: Candy
Email: service5@hc-hydraulic-cylinder.com  

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General problems of hydraulic cylinders (2)
The crawling resulted from the low rigidity of the drive. The air comes into the oil, some of them dissolve in oil, and the others are to be bubbles upon it. Due to the air has compressibility, it will make the hydraulic oil comes into being a obvious elasticity, and give rise to low rigidity of the drive.
Why does the air get in the oil? There must be some reasons:
1.   Under the motion of components back and forth, it needs fit clearance. So the air will get in via it easier.
2.   The hydraulic cylinder pipe connection looseness or bad sealing.
3.   Bad precision of hydraulic component.
4.   The installment of oil suction pipe is not good and suctioning the air, or blocked by dirt result in local vacuum.
5.   The oil in not enough or oil suction pipe insert shallow.
6.   Etc.
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These government top leaders come from the province,  city and  the area,visit HC Co.,Ltd.
This early morning,there is a huge troop made up of top leaders arrived in our company,they take a look at our producing department, storage,products showroom also visit administrative area.
They not only  highly appreciated company principle,"Honesy,quality,responsibility",also urges safety in production.After several hours visit,they left with satisfied mood and went to visit other company.

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Today, a purchase manager Jianjun Liu from Wirtgen Machinery Co., Ltd. come to HC Hydraulic Cylinder Co., Ltd.
Last few days, I got a phone from Jianjun Liu, he said, I know your company from website, and know you are one of the best companies production hydraulic cylinder in China. So I want to get some information about you. Then I send a form to him. After he got some basic information about our company, they can't wait to come to some on-site inspection. Just now, our general manager received them and have a happy talking.
As is known to all, Wirtgen Machinery Co., Ltd is a very famous machinery manufacturer. and their quality is always the best.
We are looking forward to cooperating with them.
Warmly welcome purchasing manager Jianjun Liu come and visit HC.
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The hydraulic cylinder self-locking divides into the oil duct self-locking I the mechanical self-locking. The oil duct from is also installs the valve to carry on guarantees the pressure, enables cylinder's hydraulic fluid not to return to the fuel tank, in the oil cylinder oil cavity fills certain pressure fat liquor. But this kind guarantees presses the type self-locking is not very safe reliable, if has the divulging plunger slowly to return to the position. The mechanical self-locking namely installs the nut on cylinder's plunger, when after the cylinder rises the position which requests, cylinder plunger's on nut revolving, with the cylinder cylinder body contact, such plunger will be fixed arrives requests highly. When needs the release of pressure turns on lathe again the nut, lets the plunger return to the position. This kind of cylinder has the special name, is called the self-locking hydraulic cylinder.
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Because the hydraulic technique has many merits, from civil to the national defense, from the general transmission to the close regulation, obtained the widespread application. In the mechanical industry, the engine bed transmission system has 85% to use the hydraulic transmission and the control at present, like rubs, the mill, to dig, to pull, and the combination lathe and so on; In the engineering machinery, has used the hydraulic transmission generally, like excavator, tire car loader, automobile starter, caterpillar band bulldozer, voluntarily-like carry-scraper, road roller, bulldozer and so on; In the farm machinery, has used in the combine, the tractor, the tool suspension system at present; In the automobile industry, the hydraulic brake, the hydraulic pressure self-discharging, the aerial ladder and so on obtains the widespread application; In the metallurgical industry, like the electric stove control system, mill's control system, the handwarmer feed, the converter control, the blast furnace control and so on; In light textile industry, such as injection molding machine, rubber vulcanizing machine, paper mill, printer, textile machinery and so on; In the shipbuilding industry, like entire hydraulic pressure dredge boat, salvage ship, production platform, wing ship, hovercraft and marine auxiliaries and so on. In the defense industry, the army, navy and air forces three services' many weaponry has used the hydraulic transmission and the control, like airplane, tank, artillery, missile and rocket and so on; In brief, all project domain, everything has mechanical device's situation, may use the hydraulic technique, the use domain and the equipment is getting more and more wide, are getting more and more.
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1) to grasp the raw data and design basis, including: the use of the host and working conditions; working bodies of the structural characteristics of the load conditions, stroke size and movement requirements; hydraulic system on the selected operating pressure and flow; materials, parts and processes of reality; relevant national standards and technical norms.
2) According to the action asked to select the host type and structure of the hydraulic cylinder form.
3) According to the hydraulic cylinders are exposed to the external load force, such as gravity, friction and external kinematic, inertial force and the work load, to determine the hydraulic cylinder on each stage in the itinerary changes of the load power and the need to provide value.
4) According to the hydraulic cylinder of the work load and work of selected oil pressure, determine the diameter of the piston and piston rod.
5) According to the velocity of the hydraulic cylinder, piston and piston rod diameter, determine the pump flow.
6) Select the cylinder material, calculate the diameter.
7) Select the cylinder head structure, calculation of the cylinder head and cylinder connection strength.
8) According to the work schedule requirements, determine the maximum working length of the cylinder L, typically L> = D, D for the rod diameter. As the piston rod slender, longitudinal bending strength should be checked and the stability of the hydraulic cylinder calculation.
9) When necessary, buffer design, exhaust and dust and other devices.
10) Draw the hydraulic cylinder assembly drawings and part drawings.
11) finishing the design calculations, approval drawings and other technical documents
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