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HC is a Chinese hydraulic cylinder manufacturer & innovator, located in the Southeast of China, it is established in 2000 year. HC hydraulic cylinder is the very traditional manufacturers for hydraulic cylinder. From 2000 year HC has started the cooperation with one Portuguese hydraulic cylinder manufacturing shop which was with 16 staffs, the cooperation is based on OEM of hydraulic cylinder for this company and this OEM has continued until 2003, during this 4 years OEM cooperation, HC has got a lot of knowledge and technologies for hydraulic cylinder.

In the end of 2003 year, HC has established the company hydraulic cylinder standard for all kinds of hydraulic cylinder according to their function. In the same time has carried out the HC hydraulic cylinder quality standard. All these standards current has become the world references for hydraulic cylinder.

HC hydraulic cylinder has the series as below:

  • Double-acting hydraulic cylinder series
  • Single-acting hydraulic cylinder series
  • Tandem hydraulic cylinder series
  • Double pistons hydraulic cylinder series
  • Custom hydraulic cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder spare parts

HC hydraulic cylinder has very strong machining capacity, can make the hydraulic cylinder with 600 mm diameter.

HC hydraulic cylinder has 12 designers, 3 of them are working for hydraulic design and researching, 4 of them are working for 3D hydraulic cylinder solid design, 4 of them are working for hydraulic cylinder 2D components drawings for machining dimension and finishing controlling, 1 of them is working for components machining process and hydraulic cylinder components tolerance controlling.

In 2008 year, HC hydraulic cylinder realized the turnover USD16.8M, has become the biggest hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in China.

HC hydraulic cylinder has exported all over the world, such like West Europe, USA, Australia, Israel, Russia, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Turkey...also has occupied more than 35% of Chinese hydraulic cylinder market.

HC hydraulic cylinder is widely used on various plastic machineries, plastic moulds, hydraulic pressing machines, construction Machinerie...

HC hydraulic cylinder is vision to be the biggest hydraulic cylinder manufacturers and innovators in the world in the following 3 years. Welcome your supports to HC, we are sure that you will be satisfied with HC hydraulic cylinder quality and services.
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