Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinders

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General problems of hydraulic cylinders (3)

General problems of hydraulic cylinders (3)
How to prevent air from getting in the hydraulic cylinder system?
1.   Should come up to the requirements of tolerance when manufacturing and repairing parts. Assembling with fit clearance guarantee.
2.   Fasten the connections of every pipe.
3.   The seals gasket should be smooth, and not allow using multilayer paper pad.
4.   The in and out oil pipe should keep a distance, or put a clapboard to separate them.
5.   Regularly clean the oil filter and use enough capacity oil filters.
6.    The oil box should guarantee enough oil, don’t lower than oil standard instructions line.
7.    In order to ensure every parts of this system are full of oil, it is necessary to install a check valve in the pump exits and install a back pressure valve on the way of oil returning.
8.   Develop the system of hydraulic, and set a vent plug or release valve.
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