Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic Cylinders

Qualified hydraulic cylinder with enconomical costs


The extensive use of hydraulic cylinder

Because the hydraulic technique has many merits, from civil to the national defense, from the general transmission to the close regulation, obtained the widespread application. In the mechanical industry, the engine bed transmission system has 85% to use the hydraulic transmission and the control at present, like rubs, the mill, to dig, to pull, and the combination lathe and so on; In the engineering machinery, has used the hydraulic transmission generally, like excavator, tire car loader, automobile starter, caterpillar band bulldozer, voluntarily-like carry-scraper, road roller, bulldozer and so on; In the farm machinery, has used in the combine, the tractor, the tool suspension system at present; In the automobile industry, the hydraulic brake, the hydraulic pressure self-discharging, the aerial ladder and so on obtains the widespread application; In the metallurgical industry, like the electric stove control system, mill's control system, the handwarmer feed, the converter control, the blast furnace control and so on; In light textile industry, such as injection molding machine, rubber vulcanizing machine, paper mill, printer, textile machinery and so on; In the shipbuilding industry, like entire hydraulic pressure dredge boat, salvage ship, production platform, wing ship, hovercraft and marine auxiliaries and so on. In the defense industry, the army, navy and air forces three services' many weaponry has used the hydraulic transmission and the control, like airplane, tank, artillery, missile and rocket and so on; In brief, all project domain, everything has mechanical device's situation, may use the hydraulic technique, the use domain and the equipment is getting more and more wide, are getting more and more.
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