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HC hydraulic cylinder company is the chinese hydraulic piston supplier.specialized in cylinder piston and hydraulic cylinder piston,this article will write about piston material and good for piston material selection.

HC use different materail for hydraulic cylinder piston.There are two material are used in HC hydraulic cylinder company.They are brass and nodular cast iron.Adopt brass as the piston material,is good for beauty and brass has the strong abrasion.With high strength, hardness, strong corrosive.
Nodular cast iron is 20 century 50 s developed,a kind of high strength cast iron material, the comprehensive function is close to steel, be based on its superior performance, which have been successfully used in casting some complex loading, strength, toughness and wear resistance to demand higher parts.

The technology property of nodular cast iron is superior than brass.

Hydraulic cylinder piston selection is the most important for produce the hydraulic cylinder.Choose the suitable piston material is the key to make the best hydraulic cylinder piston,aslo for the hydraulic cylinder to use,decrease the hydraulic cylinder damage rate.

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This article means introduce the operation of hydraulic cylinder working. cylinder working under the eatablished pressure. takes the oil liquid as actuating medium as well as cylinder working motion. Cylinder classification with plunger type; multistage extension types; swinging type.HC professinal hydraulic cylinder maker,make you best quilty product and service.
This article means introduce the operation of hydraulic cylinder working,
1st,  hydraulic cylinde bore, the bore diameter and working pressure's determination and selects, must consider that the hydraulic system pressure source and system's pressure loss, the pressure control and the adjustment determined by the hydraulic system pressure-regulating valve.
2nd, hydraulic cylinder before work must use the low pressure (to be bigger than starting pressure) to carry on movement back forth times, after discharging the hydraulic cylinder in the air, then can carry on the normal work. Enters between the output port and the attachment must use to combine the pad to fasten, by against oil leak.
3rd,guarantee hydraulic cylinder's service life, the medium uses do not mix with the impurity, the stolen goods, in order to avoid the harm scratches in the cylinder tube, cause seal damage and hydraulic cylinder divulge. The request system filter fineness is not lower than 80μm, strict control fat liquor pollution, maintains the hydraulic fluid clean, periodic inspection hydraulic fluid's performance, and carries on the essential fine filtration or replaces the new work hydraulic fluid.
4th, recommendated to use oil's viscosity 10 ~110cSt (1.8~15E), ISO VG46 hydraulic fluid. Normal work oil temperature in 10 ~70C, ambient temperature in the - 20 ~80C scopes. When the ambient temperature and the application temperature are low, may choose the low  viscosity hydraulic fluid.
5th, the actuating medium uses when difficult to burn the water base hydraulic fluid, ordering must indicate specially alone, with the aim of replacing the special seal.
6th, guarantee the  consistent direction of rod,earring (or middle articulation axis) installs,guaranteed that the entire connecting rod's in onset and retreat process straight line, prevents the rigidity interference and  nonessential damage.
7th, hydraulic cylinder installment finished, before trying the movement, dealt with the earring, the middle articulation axis and so on relative motion spot   replenishment ubricating grease.
8th, when the hydraulic cylinder appears breakdowns divulging must disassemble, should make the piston move to the cylinder bottom, in the disassemblage refuses the rigidity strike as well as to appear falls  suddenly.
 9th, before disassemblage, make the system discharge, return route pressure zero,cut-off oil source, after loosening the oil mouth tubing, stops up the oil mouth.
10th,guarantee hydraulic cylinder's normal work, system should have the air exhaust device in design.
11th, the hydraulic cylinder should avoid not using for a long time, if due to some kind of reason long-term idle, should regular starting carry on the spatial revolution, enables its each to obtain the sufficient lubrication, in order to avoid corrosion in surface, interferes with the later normal work.
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Hydraulic system(hydraulic cylinder system),takes the oil liquid as actuating medium ,through controls appendix operation hydraulic actuator work and so on valve using the oil liquid pressure energy whole set installments. Hydraulic system components included four main parts:motion part,director part,controller adjust part and  auxiliary unit.According hydraulic system structure,the hydraulic system is composed of the signal control and the hydraulic pressure power two parts, the signal control part uses in actuating in the hydraulic pressure power section the control valve movement.HC professinal hydraulic cylinder China,make you best quilty product and service.
A complete hydraulic system is composed of the following four parts (1) the motion unit - most common form is a hydraulic pump, is outputs the electric motor the mechanical energy which transforms the fat liquor hydraulic pressure to be able the installment. Its function is provides the pressure oil to the hydraulic system.(2) the director part - including the hydraulic cylinder and the oil motor, is can transform the fat liquor hydraulic pressure the actuation load movement the mechanical energy installment. (3) control adjusting part - including control valves and so on pressure, current capacity, direction, is to the system medium oil hydraulic pressure, the current capacity either the flow direction carries on the control or the adjustment installment.(4) auxiliary unit - including above three part of outside other installments, for example fuel tank, filter, drill tubing and so on. They to guarantee the hydraulic system normal work vital role.
HC hydraulic yclinder manufacturer of China,provided you high quality cost performance hydraulic cylinder products and service,welcome your interesting and your inquiry.
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The piston make the function of seal and guidance in the hydraulic cylinder,different material also has the same piston function.HC the professional hydraulic cylinder manufacturer,also the manufacturer of piston and piston rod.
 The hydraulic cylinder is an airtight vessel, can be bearing pressure, the piston be possible to depend on the oil pour into, skids through the seal in the cylinder,thus transforms the fluid strength into the straight line or the curvilinear motion. Piston rod make form of  the movement which produces the piston transmits on the functional element, the fluid strength through enters the airtight container which from the piston and the cylinder , this kind of movement is produces depending on the liquid change in volume. The cylinder piston makes the main function of seal and guidance. Through piston rod power transmission. Its diameter different may have the different transmission ratio. Piston's function withstands the gas pressure, and passes to the connecting rod obligation crankshaft rotation through the piston pin, the piston top or combustion chamber's constituent. The working condition piston in the high temperature, the high pressure, high speed, the insufficient lubrication under the condition works. The piston with the high temperature gas contact, the instantaneous temperature may reach above directly 2500K, therefore, the heating is serious, but radiates the condition to be very also bad, therefore the piston works time the temperature is very high, the crown reaches as high as 600~700K, and the temperature distribution is very non-uniform; The piston top withstanding gas pressure is very big, specially makes the merit traveling schedule pressure to be biggest, the gasoline engine reaches as high as 3~5MPa, the diesel engine reaches as high as 6~9MPa, this causes the piston to have the impact, and withstands the lateral pressure the function; Piston in cylinder make reciprocal motion by very high speed (8~12m/s), and the speed is changing unceasingly, this makes big force of inertia, causes the piston to receive the big additional load. The piston works under this kind of bad condition, will produce distorts and accelerates to wear, will also have the additional load and the thermal load, simultaneously will receive chemical attack of the fuel gas .

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Double acting hydraulic cylinders China

HC- China hydraulic cylinder suppliers as one of the best China hydraulic cylinder sellers provide double acting hydraulic cylinders China. And hydraulic cylinder making is devoted ourselves to double acting cylinder China.

Double acting hydraulic cylinder is a very common hydraulic cylinder type which means both oil ports with oil entering and both direction controlled by oil pressure. When piston rod works, the force of pushing is bigger than pulling, and the piston rubs with the inside barrel thousands of times so if the seals is not good enough, leaking will happen after a time. And HC-China hydraulic cylinder supplier’s double acting hydraulic cylinder picks the best match for rod and bore, at the meantime as per customers’ requests. HC brand double acting hydraulic cylinder always takes superficial treatment to the piston rod to make the surface better and smoother so as to lengthen the life of rod working. In addition, we take special treatment to the seals surface to make the piston suit for bore accurately to make it move smoothly.
Double acting hydraulic cylinders are not only used in machine tool manufacturer, metal processing equipment, but also in metal actuator, nuclear plant controlling, and elevator and so on.

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It can diveded hydraulic cylinders into two series:standard hydraulic cylinder and customized hydraulic cylinder from appearance.HC hydraulic cylinders ,not only standard hydraulic cylinder supplier ,also customized hydraulic cylinder manufacturer.It has been China customized hydraulic cylinder professional manufacturer.
HC hydraulic cylinder supply service including:Before sales service & after sales service,it helps save customer's extra worries.
HC produces standard hydraulic cylinder,strict basis unified standards.Also the manufacture customized hydraulic cylinder,only need to provided material, working pressure, O-ring quality, cylinder diameter,  piston rod diameter ,length,  Stroke Min. installation length single action or double actions such specifiction and so on your hydraulic cylinder require.HC equipped with advanced production equipment,the machines' investment and experience machining process technologies has guaranteed HC hydraulic cylinders quality.
Welcome your interest and view to HC hydraulic cylinder.
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Pressurized cylinder
Pressurized cylinder means pressure increase cylinder, pressure increase cylinders sell very good in HC. And pressurized hydraulic cylinder can support higher pressure. HC high pressure hydraulic cylinder maker makes pressurized cylinders.

Pressurized cylinder: including outer cylinder, rod and nested in the east and the outer cylinder rod cylinder fluid chamber and divides the left and right fluid chamber cavity closure ring, ring closure with the fluid chamber to communicate about channel, in the closure ring and cylinder rod junction with the main channel connected with the driving liquid fluid chamber, as described within the cylinder with one end of cylinder rod, cylinder, including cylinder with a piston chamber with the level, the piston the formation of the cylinder rod ends for reciprocating movement after the first liquid chamber and liquid chamber, as described before and after the liquid chamber and liquid, respectively, with the main channel and the channel connected to the pass, in the ring closure between the channel and the cylinder rod and the drive fluid with cavity coordinated action, and when the cylinder rod end of the role of target work load, the fluid chamber formed around the elastic self-sealing device. The pressurized fuel tank is not only greatly improved the efficiency, but also reduced the cost, both for long-cycle cylinder rod completion of the action, but also complete a short cycle action.

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Hydraulic cylinder parameters
Hydraulic cylinder parameters and hydraulic cylinder standards are very important in making hydraulic cylinders. There are many versions of hydraulic cylinder parameter and different company has its own cylinder parameters.
HC hydraulic cylinder description and production standards
1. According to its use, can be divided into the following several pressure level.
Pressure level/Mpa

 The material of cylinder barrel is Carbon steel C45, inner diameter in H7-H9 level of tolerance. The roughness of the honed cylinder barrel is 0.3-0.6μm. the ension strength is up to 50kg/mm².
3. The material of rod is Carbon steel C45, and hard-chroming. The roughness of the honed piston rod is 0.3-0.8μm.
4. Oil seal and other seals are using imported Italian senior fine products, resistance to oil, corrosion, friction, loss and pressure.
5. Various spare part precision processions completely by CNC lathe, milling machine, interchangeable better, long life and maintenance convenient.
HC hydraulic cylinder theory parameters:

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Hydraulic cylinders suppliers
HC hydraulic cylinders supplier is one of the best company of hydraulic cylinder supplier. Hydraulic cylinders suppliers can make all type of hydraulic cylinders. Cylinder supplier supply best quality items.
HC as one of the best quality hydraulic cylinders suppliers provide every type of hydraulic cylinders as per customers’ demands, especially double acting hydraulic cylinders. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders are widely used in construction equipment like excavators, bulldozers and graders, cargo equipment like truck, lift gate and heavy-industry equipment like crane, oil rig, ORV and so on. We add many new and advanced types of equipments so as to assure customers best quality of hydraulic cylinders, in the meanwhile give customers best service in 2012.
HC hydraulic cylinders suppliers always constantly develop new products in 2012, just like the self-locking hydraulic cylinders got a fantastic goal in 2011.

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Installment and revolution
*Box openning
In the reason of cylinder inside seal with chemical property rust-preventing agent,do not dismantle the entrance before assemble the plug. If dismantles the plug, must install immediately on organism, moreover puts the full oil in the cylinder.
* Rust prevention
The cylinder installs after organism, if piston in stretches out when in the situation lays aside, must reveal the part painting fat in the connecting rod.
* Speed
Generally specification cylinder, when the movement speed surpasses 2m/s, its service life will be influenced. Takes the stroke terminal by 0.3m/s the situation, in order to protect agency and the security, suggests the internal installment buffer gear. Moreover, when the cylinder stops, in order to protect the cylinder organization and the security, on the line must consider prevents the big impact of wallop. In order to increase cylinder's oil discharge quantity, the line designs should be pay special attention. When 0.5m/min idling, will affect the movement specially vibration, therefore, time idling, should carry on the discussion.
* Revolution
The revolution initial period, must clear out the air in the cylinder completely. The residual air's situation, adopts the low speed to revolve fully. If in cylinder residual air sudden crimp, as a result of the hydraulic fluid function, possible to cause the seal packing collar loss by burning. Moreover, in movement, if the cylinder interior has the negative pressure, that will have the possibility to occur as a result of the cavitation function exceptionally.
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