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Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinder

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Working principle of self locking cylinder

The hydraulic cylinder self-locking divides into the oil duct self-locking I the mechanical self-locking. The oil duct from is also installs the valve to carry on guarantees the pressure, enables cylinder's hydraulic fluid not to return to the fuel tank, in the oil cylinder oil cavity fills certain pressure fat liquor. But this kind guarantees presses the type self-locking is not very safe reliable, if has the divulging plunger slowly to return to the position. The mechanical self-locking namely installs the nut on cylinder's plunger, when after the cylinder rises the position which requests, cylinder plunger's on nut revolving, with the cylinder cylinder body contact, such plunger will be fixed arrives requests highly. When needs the release of pressure turns on lathe again the nut, lets the plunger return to the position. This kind of cylinder has the special name, is called the self-locking hydraulic cylinder.
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