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Hydraulic Cylinder
Hydraulic Cylinder

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Hydraulic cylinder standard

Hydraulic cylinder standard

HC has her own hydraulic cylinder manufacturing standard, the standards are listed as below:

  • Hydraulic cylinder design standard
  • Hydraulic cylinder components standard
  • Hydraulic cylinder assembling processing standard
  • Hydraulic cylinder quality standard


When HC design department got one order, if the hydraulic cylinder is belong to HC standard cylinder, then the design department just take out the ready-made 2D layout drawings with the components details, hand these prints drawings to the machining and purchasing departments for manufacturing. If the hydraulic cylinder is not HC standard, then there is another process for design.

1st step: the hydraulic engineer calculate pressure according to the cylinder’s function and usage, by this way to work out the cylinder inner diameter, cylinder barrel’s thickness, the piston diameter, the moving stroke, the barrel’s connection way to the flanges…

2nd step: after all the 1st step’s, the designer will star the 3D hydraulic cylinder design according to above parameters. After the sold cylinder design appeared in the computer, the chief engineer will check the 3D design, if there is none mistake or problems.

3rd step: after the 3D design quality checked, the 2D department start the 2D layout drawings and all the components detailed tooling drawings. These 2D drawings are indicated with the finishing requirements, tolerance requirements, machining process and the material specifications…..

4th step: the processing engineer will check these 2D components drawings, after all the dimensions were confirmed, the processing engineer will pass all these drawings to the purchase department, machining department and QC department.


HC realized most of the components are standard and stocked, this standard reduce the manufacturing time cost, labor cost. In the same time, it is also guaranteed HC quality manufacturing, due to most of the components are qualified. When HC try to make a part become HC standard part, normally, this part need to be certified for several months. If the part was proved the standard production available, HC will start mass production to keep this part as stock and list it into the standard components list. The components standard stock advantage:

a. Save the production time

b. Save the production cost

c. Improved the hydraulic cylinder quality

d. Easy for after sales services


All HC people are working according to HC’s standard assembling processing, which step or which components must be very careful on which points. Which step must be the first. When the assembling was in the stage need to be quality controlled, the related officers will inform the QC department for quality checking, before the quality checking they check all the quality issue by themselves.


enterprise has listed out more than 200 quality points, these quality points need to be 100% controlled during the manufacturing, pressure testing, action testing, packing and delivery.