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lock cylinder| locking cylinder| locking cylinder manufacturer

lock cylinder|locking cylinder|locking cylinder manufacturer

Lock cylinder- sometimes also called locking cylinder is one of the most technical cylinders on this field. Locking cylinder is very commonly used in the places where needs long time holding weight ,like under water single action load backward etc. locking cylinder especially used in mould clamping when need high clamping pressure. when locked ,locking cylinder can also stably and reliably used even there is no oil or pressure supporting. A lock cylinder can be widely used for electricityconstructionmachinofacturediggingsrailwayjack etc.
lock cylinder

Locking cylinder working principle:
Refer to the following lock cylinder Figure, when the oil getting inside from the right port, the piston starts moving forward to the left because of the oil pressure, when the rod moves to the end ,the locking part which shows part 2 in the locking cylinder following figure will stocked at the end part. And during this time, the locking cylinder is under a locking state which means even the oil at the right side doesn’t come in the piston and the rod won’t go back. So the pressure assistance is not hold by the oil but by the structure 2.and with higher pressure holding power than hydraulic. and when the movement finished. Just let the left port get oil inside and the locking cylinder is unlocked, and the piston moves backward under the oil pressure. For the special working principle and its much higher than normal hydraulic cylinder. A locking cylinder is particularly used in molding clamping. As when the plastic injecting, the mould need much higher clamping  tonnage ,thus ,this kind of locking cylinder makes it much easier to realize that.
locking cylinder
A good locking cylinder usually has the bellowed characteristics:
1)    No extra retaining mechanism
2)    Ability of bearing tons of force
3)    Clear locking pot
4)    Easy installation
5)    Good sealing
6)    Reasonable design
7)    Stroke depends on different requirements
 Locking cylinder manufacturers
There are many hydraulic cylinder manufacturers can make locking cylinder.Like Denison(America)HPS(France)Atos(Italy)、HC(China)(see the Figure3)Parker(America) etc. These companies all all offering lock cylinder, locking cylinder with good quality but meanwhile with high price. So when the customers picking the lock cylinder they need to meet their purchase level, because compare to other normal hydraulic cylinder. This price of this kind of locking cylinder can be 5-10times even more higher at the same size. 
locking cylinder lock cylinder
Chinese locking cylinder manufacturers
There are not too many famous hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in China, but still can find some good companies that can do pretty good job on this field, such as SUNTERHCVege etc. There are not too many Chinese lock cylinder that has occupied the world market but as the world is getting accept the quality that “made in China” and products from China is so much cheaper than other market of locking cylinder as well as most of products. China will become the biggest locking cylinder market in a very short period for sure. Under this circumstance, Chinese locking cylinder manufacturer have to focus on new technology and high quality to enlarge the market on the whole world.
Although a locking cylinder can be much more expensive than other kind of hydraulic cylinder, but take the technology and its good characters it is more than worthy to invest more .but customers still need to pay attention on picking good locking cylinder for their products.